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WTF? No dairy, sugar, legumes, or grains???

Hi all! I am back again, finally! I have been a busy, busy girl. Work has kept me chained to my desk for about 50-60 hours a week and the kids, well, I doubt I need to say more there; but life is good regardless.

I decided to take my journey of nutrition and health more to the Paleo way of things. I had really fallen off the health wagon in a big way; so I had to do something drastic. Enter Whole30.

For those of you who either have no clue what I’m talking about or have always wanted to know more, I will briefly outline what I am doing. For those of you who find it interesting, I will add some links to some really great resources. For those of you who think I’m a crazy nut-job (some will and it won’t be a first), I’m a big girl and can handle your feedback as well.

I have been through some crazy diets. I have fasted drinking only lemonade for 12 days, I have been through doctor led B-12 injections with minimal foods, and eaten cabbage soup until I wanted to puke. What I was looking for this go around was a way to eat while maintaining my health and saying goodbye to dieting. For me, I have found something that makes sense and I can see fitting into my life long-term.

I am 15-days in and feel amazing. I have energy, can handle stress better, get amazing sleep, and wake feeling better than I can remember in years! So what the heck am I doing that I wasn’t before? It’s simple and I am going to share my secret with you. Are you ready for it?

I AM EATING REAL FOOD. Seriously folks, real food. I have cut out all grains, legumes, dairy (cheese was my largest challenge over any other food), and any added sugar or sugar substitute. I know, I know…this is where the OMG crazy lady part kicks in for some of you. However, hear me out if you dare, Mr. or Mrs. Skeptic. There’s even science-y stuff to back up the claims if you check out the resources, but I don’t want to get into much of the boring stuff here. I want to talk about the fun stuff! The food and benefits. I may hit up on the science-y stuff later in another post.

So what is this Whole30 anyway? Like I said, you eat real food…protein, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats. Ok Skeptic, I can see you wrinkling your nose and rolling your eyes at me. It’s fine. Your still reading so I know I at least have your attention. It’s just 30 days, folks, and you have nothing to lose yet so much to potentially gain. Ok. I’m starting to sound like an infomercial, I had better move on before it gets worse. I’m honestly just that excited!

I get full when I’ve had enough and don’t overeat. I eat foods cooked in coconut oil and coconut milk, I now precook meals on Sundays making my weekday meals to the table in roughly 10 minutes, and eat veggies I never considered trying before. I don’t miss my sugar or sweetener, still have my coffee in the morning, drink plenty of water (both plain and sparkling), and enjoy my meals instead of just woofing them down. Not to mention, I’m never hungry.

The science-y stuff says this way of eating sets your hormones right and balances everything back the way it should be. They boast many health benefits due to less inflammation. For more details on all of that, you will either have to wait for another post or read some of the reference sites. However, I will tell you, besides the benefits I have already mentioned, I have been complimented on how great my skin looks, my hair, nails, and overall look. My stomach is flatter and my jeans fit better. I haven’t stepped on a scale since Day 1 (you are not supposed to until the end), but I don’t need to just to prove to myself what I already know.

Check out the references below and see for yourself. For me this started a challenge, but I feel it was one of the wisest challenges I have taken.

The Whole30 Program
Mark’s Daily Apple
Robb Wolf
The Clothes Make the Girl
It Starts with Food (and free bonus material)
The Naked Plate

There you have it folks. Read up and enjoy.


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